By Rick K. Harrison, DMD, PA
February 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Tooth Replacement  

Find out what your options are for replacing missing teeth.

Our Jacksonville Beach, FL, family dentist Dr. Rick Harrison and his team are always driven to provide you with the care and treatment you need to save teeth; unfortunately, sometimes teeth can’t be saved and when this happens we know you want the next best thing to replace your missing tooth or teeth whether that be through dental implants, bridges or other options. Don’t worry; our dental team is happy to answer any and all questions about these top tooth replacement options,

Dental implants

Implants have become one of the most popular ways to replace one or more missing teeth because they are truly as close as you can come to having a natural tooth. An implant is a small metal post, usually made from titanium, that is placed into the jawbone to replace your tooth roots. The implant and the jawbone will fuse together during the healing process, making the implant a permanent part of the jawbone in a matter of months.

Here are some of the benefits of getting dental implants from our Jacksonville Beach, FL, dentist:

  • A false tooth that feels and functions just like the real thing
  • A restoration that can last a lifetime and offers a very high success rate
  • Fully restored chewing, biting and speaking
  • Prevents bone loss and supports the muscles of the face
  • Prevents teeth from shifting into open gaps in your smile
  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Restores your confidence

Dental bridge

If you are only missing a single tooth and you want a quick replacement tooth then a dental bridge may be the best option for you. A dental bridge can be either fixed in place or removable and this oral appliance contains a pontic, or false tooth that is sandwiched between two dental crowns. These crowns are then cemented into place over healthy natural teeth near the gap to support the false tooth.

The benefits of a dental bridge include:

  • A quick treatment that doesn’t require surgery
  • You’ll typically can get your bridge in about two appointments
  • Bridges are made from the highest-quality material made to look like a real tooth
  • An inexpensive option for patients on a budget
  • Teeth that are stable and fixed in place, making it easier to chew and talk


If you have lost a significant amount of your permanent teeth then dentures may also be an ideal option for you. Dentures are a custom-fitted oral prosthetic that replace several missing teeth. You can choose from partial or full dentures, depending on how many teeth you need to replace.

The benefits of dentures include:

  • A restoration that just about anyone with tooth loss can benefit from
  • Achieving a full smile again quickly and easily
  • A simple, non-invasive treatment option
  • A very inexpensive and budget-conscious treatment

Don’t let tooth loss affect your oral health, your appearance and your confidence. Our Jacksonville Beach, FL, cosmetic dentist is happy to discuss your candidacy for dental implants or any of the tooth replacement options our practice offers. Call our office today at (904) 241-4237 to discuss your options.