By Rick K. Harrison, DMD, PA
May 12, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Tooth Loss  

How your dentist in Jacksonville Beach, FL, can rebuild your smile with dental implants

It’s important to keep your teeth for as long as you can. Great teeth give you a great smile, which helps you look your best. If you do lose teeth, your dentist can help rebuild your smile. Dr. Rick K. Harrison of Jax Beach Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Jacksonville Beach, FL, offers state-of-the-art tooth replacement options, including dental implants to give you back your smile.

Losing your teeth has a number of negative effects, including:

  • Diminishing the appearance of your smile, which can affect your self-esteem
  • Affecting your ability to speak clearly, which can diminish your self-confidence
  • Decreasing your chewing ability, which impacts your digestion and overall health
  • Causing you to lose bone support, which can result in facial sagging and make you look older

If you do lose teeth, you can get your smile back. At Jax Beach Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, you can choose from a variety of excellent tooth replacement options including:

  • Dental implants, which are the tooth replacement solution closest to your natural teeth. They look like natural teeth too, because the dental implant crown is made of light-reflective materials that look just like tooth enamel. Dental implants are completely stable because they are firmly embedded in bone, so they never move. You also clean them like natural teeth, with brushing and flossing.
  • Dental appliances, including partial and full dentures, which provide years of excellent chewing function, and a great smile. You choose a partial denture to replace a few teeth, or a full denture to replace an entire arch of teeth, either upper, lower, or both. You take dental appliances out when you sleep, and they can be cleaned by soaking in a denture cleaning solution overnight.
  • Dental bridges, which can replace one or more missing teeth; they consist of prosthetic teeth, which are suspended over the space where teeth are missing. The prosthetic teeth are supported by the teeth adjacent to the space. These supporting teeth are crowned and the bridge is cemented on to them.

You don’t have to suffer the negative effects of tooth loss—you can get your smile back with an effective tooth replacement option like dental implants, dental appliances, or dental bridgework. To learn more about tooth replacement, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Rick K. Harrison of Jax Beach Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Jacksonville Beach, FL, at (904) 241-4237.